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Community High Holy Day Cards of Admission

We encourage members of our wider community who wish to join us for in-person services to contact the temple office at (312) 867-7000 after September 6. Based on available capacity, we are please to offer Cards of Admission for purchase for a required contribution of $350. We also are available to discuss Sinai membership at any time. Please contact our Executive Director, Jan Kaufman at


Thank you for trying to purchase Cards of Admission for the High Holy Days at Chicago Sinai! Since you are a member, please click here to complete the form for our congregants. 
Guest 1: Full Name
Guest 2: Full Name
Guest 3: Full Name
Guest 4: Full Name
Guest 5: Full Name
Guest 6: Full Name
Guest 7: Full Name
Guest 8: Full Name
Guest 9: Full Name
Guest 10: Full Name
Please select the exact number of Cards of Admission for each individual in your party for each service your would like to attend. Cards of Admission must be picked up in-person at the temple office.

The Rosh HaShanah service at 9:00AM and Music and Meditation have reached full capacity, and registration is closed. If you would like to be added to a waitlist, please contact the main office. 
   Erev Rosh HaShanah, 9/25, 5:30 PM - Fully Booked
   Erev Rosh HaShanah, 9/25, 8 PM - 154 of 425 Left
   Rosh HaShanah, 9/26, 9 AM - Fully Booked
   Rosh HaShanah, 9/26, 12 PM - 50 of 425 Left
   Rosh HaShanah Family Service, 9/26, 3 PM - 5 of 336 Left
   Kol Nidre, 10/4, 5:30 PM - 15 of 425 Left
   Kol Nidre, 10/4, 8 PM - Fully Booked
   Yom Kippur Morning, 10/5, 9 AM - 14 of 425 Left
   Yom Kippur, 10/5, 12 PM - 6 of 425 Left
   Yom Kippur Family Service, 10/5, 3 PM - 24 of 342 Left
   Music and Meditation, 10/5, 3 PM - Fully Booked
   Mincha Moments, Yizkor and Ne'ilah, 10/5, 4:30 PM - 38 of 425 Left
As a Sustainer you are entitled to 2 extra Cards of Admission. Please complete the following with their information.


At this time, we are no longer mailing Cards of Admission and they must be picked up at Sinai. Cards of Admission may be picked up in-person at the Temple office through Friday, September 23. Cards of Admission will not be available for pick-up in-person during the High Holy Days at Sinai.
Wed, September 28 2022 3 Tishrei 5783